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Random updates - JdotMI's LiveJournal
Random updates
My paid LiveJournal account actually expired. And for the first time since I started paying for it I'm pretty much not going to renew it.



We got keys to our new apartment yesterday. The initial wander around found a few minor issues (stained cabinets, a carpet stain or two, a closet door pull that won't stay on), a couple moderate problems (drywall tape bubbling behind the sink, a random light switch which controls nothing, a fire alarm which won't shut up but doesn't seem to have a place for a battery), and some big issues (wobbly ceiling fans, kamikazee fan cover on the microwave, possible mold in the storage area off the patio).

That kamikazee fan cover is hillarious, by the way. We were testing the kitchen appliances and we were like, "Oh there's only one light setting on it. Fan says Hi and Low so let's just push... OH MY GOD NOT THE FACE!". Heh. The clips that should hold it in place are all broken off. Not really a good thing. Heh.

We have our next car load boxed up and ready to load tonight when I get home from work. Things are going to escalate pretty rapidly on the Getting Shit Done scale. After that second load was boxed up we realized it's not as bad as we are scared it is. But it's still not as good as we want it to be. Heh.

Big move happens the weekend of July 20th. :) I is excited!

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